Thursday 26 June 2014

Free Training Material on Project 2013

Project 2013 Webinar Videos:


  • Getting Started with Project 2013 (Watch here)
    • In this 15 minute webinar, you’ll learn the very basics: adding tasks and linking tasks. You’ll also learn how to add holidays to the project calendar so that you can plan for days off.
  • Assigning Resources in Project (Watch here)
    • In this webinar, we'll assign people to tasks and use the Resource Sheet to track people in your project. Plus, we'll learn how to add vacation days--and adjust the project accordingly so that we make our deadline.
  • Create a Timeline in project 2013 (Watch here)
    • This webinar will get your project ready for kickoff. You’ll learn how to make milestones, summary tasks, and subtasks. Plus, we’ll show you how to create a graphical timeline you can share with stakeholders.
  • Tracking Progress in Project 2013 (Watch here)
    • This webinar tutorial will show you how to track progress once a project starts. We’ll show you how to mark tasks complete, and we’ll run some reports that can give you an idea of what’s on time and what’s not. We’ll also explain a couple of key concepts on the way too: critical tasks and baselines.


  • Make the switch to Project 2013 (Watch here)
    • Watch these videos to make the switch to Project 2013. Get started with the new version to see how to do everyday tasks.

And on the lighter side of things :

  • It's so easy an 6th grader can do it (Watch here)


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