Monday 1 September 2014

Project Online 2013 Built-in reporting Issues with Refreshing

We have been deploying quite a few project Online Deployments for clients of ours. One of the things that I have noticed (Among others) is the fact that there seem to be a random issue with the Built-in Reports from time to time, after initial deployment.

When a user, that has the appropriate permissions try to refresh anyone of the 3 default reports :
  • Project Overview Dashboard 
  • Project Overview
  • Resource Overview
The refreshing fails as per image below :

Refreshing Report Fails

What I did to resolve the issue is to Edit the report in excel, go to the Data Tab, then click on connections, which will open the data connections Window, similar to the window below. Click on each of the connections and the on refresh. It will refresh the connection, and in some cases if there are data, you will start seeing the data in the report. Do this for all connections and lastly SAVE the Report back to the server.
Once that has been done, close the report in the Excel Online viewer and re-open the report and the refreshing should then work.
If you have any questions please let me know.



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