Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Project Server 2010: Timesheet.Incorrect.Mode Issue remains unresolved Post SP1!

Allot of us and client as well has an error with time sheets that resubmitting a TimeSheet that has not been Recalled You get an error :

Details: id='3204' name='TimesheetIncorrectMode' uid='9608dc37-5d5a-4922-890f-3290ddd8b298' mode='3'. Queue: GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) -

More detail can be found on the MS Partner Forums :

After installing SP1 and June CU11', I have tested this inhouse for a few days now and it seem to still be happening after adding more hours to a already approved timesheet (Which IMHO should not even be possible) and submitting it still happens :

So it seems we have to control this issue using a "Policy" - which is the last thing i think that should be policy driven. Your comments on this will be welcomed


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info!

pradeep qpt said...
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dennis said...

Hello there,

did You find a final Solution for that Issue?

Thank a lot!

Best Regards

Andre Venter (UMTSA) said...


It would seem after the October 2010 CU we no longer have this issue. Always keep in mind, even though the CU is installed it generally WONT fix current issues, but will prevent it from happening again. Shout if you need more help.

Anonymous said...


Did someone found a solution?

Andre Venter (UMTSA) said...

Hi Anonymous,

as per my previous comment, the October 2011 CU has resolved this issue.

Whats the exact error you are getting ?


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I am also waiting for solution for this error. If you get, hope you will share with us.


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