Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Project Server 2010: Timesheet Note Error when inserting a "&"

As per issue that we logged in the Partner Forums :(

Partner Forum Post
This issue can still be re-produced post SP1, it just shows as an "unexpected error occurred"
Its a Pity maybe a CU for SP1 ? :-)

First Test Result After SP1 Install

Initial testing shows that our logged issue: has been resolved after the SP1 Install.
They seem to re-appear as soon as you republish a project. I will now test a few scenarios where we will go through an "Update Cycle" and see if it is still functional.

Will revert with Feedback

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Project and SharePoint SP1 Released !

It been released already for the download of Project Server Go here:

Happy Downloading!!

Project Server Call Logging 101

As someone whom frequents the forums in attempt to help people resolve issues and to get help i do come across some really badly phrased questions and comments. 

Now simply stating "PWA Broken - Please Help" is enough to have 99% of the Industries Professionals look other way when browsing public forums support requests. You find that someone asks you to add more info, but more than often you will be ignored. 

So what exactly makes it a good call ?
  1. Start with a good topic."Project Server 2007: PWA access denied for new resource"
  2. State your Version in the body with your Update / Patch Level "Project Server 2007 Feb 2010 CU" 
  3. Give a detailed description of the problem, indicate things like "When does it happen, does it happen for everyone, has it worked before and very importantly "What has Changed" To further elaborate on this point. a Simple thing like making a field compulsory after already having a bunch of project on the server could cause cube build jobs to fail! So by stating that change it will make it easier for the Professionals to support you!!
  4. Then enlighten us on what you have done already to troubleshoot the problems. “We have tried removing the custom field from the cube and re-built, but it is still failing”
  5. State any additional information that you think might be applicable.
That all being said there are wonderful tools called search engines J Before jumping on a forum and asking a question “Google or Bing” it first. You might just find the issue has already been addressed or could point you in the right direction for you to be able to help yourself and learn from the issues.

ULS Logs …. That’s pretty much the Alpha and Omega of this environment and troubleshooting anything Server Related. There are some nice tools out there to help you better display the ULS Logs as it can be intimidating trying to understand and find what you are looking for.
Go into the ULS files see if you can find anything, perhaps look for “Error and Critical” events and post it with your support call.

Here are some samples of what I think is some good calls : (It might not have everything in it as mentioned above but its a good example.)

And lastly “Please do provide feedback” Whether it did or did not work please post back. If you have managed to solve it by yourself, please do go through the trouble of posting the solution, as it may just help someone else in the future. 

Project Server 2010 Service Pack 1 Release Date

WOW !! The rumours are flying on ( that the Release of SP1 is tomorrow, 28 June 2011 @ about 9AM –Redmond time I assume.
It’s been said that there are more than 200 fixes for SharePoint and Project Server 2010! Let’s hope it resolves all the logged issues as some of our clients are driving us up the wall now with unresolved issues.
I Strongly suggest you test the SP in a Development environment first, before going live
I think the next 4 weeks will be very busy, testing and implementing this Service Pack. If you guys have any news or updates on this post feel free to leave a comment!
If you start testing the SP please log any issues you might find, from downloading to Installation and PSCONFIG related issues on the MS Project Forums:
Happy Testing!


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