Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SharePoint Online - Content Hub

As of late the company i work for TPG Africa, we have started relying allot more on the Content Hub when doing deployments to client. We use both Document and List Content Types when doing a Project Server Deployment.

When we did our first online testing, we created a new site to be used as the content hub. I created a document content type, but got this error when attempting to publish it :

Error on Content type Publishing

So my colleague, Shimone Bezuidenhout started doing some research. It ended up that be default a content hub is created in the Team Site, when the instance is provisioned! If you attempt to create another Content Hub it will not work.

So to get there there, use the Navigation bar on the Top of the SP Online instance, and click on "Sites"
Team Site

Depending on what site has been created, you might see something else that what is displayed above. The site you need to open will be the "Team Site". Once the site have been opened, click on the Site Settings icon (The Gear Thingy) to the right of your name, then select site settings. 
Site Settings for Content Hub

When the Site Settings open for the Team Site, simply use the Site Content Types under the Web Design Galleries menu, to create and publish the Content Types you wish to use!

Create content types 

Any Questions or comments please let me know!


Performance and scale improvements to Project Online Coming Soon

There will be some nice performance and scaling improvements for Project Online. have a look at Chris Boyd's Blog Post below. He is a senior program manager on the Project Engineering Team

Monday, 1 September 2014

Project Online 2013 Built-in reporting Issues with Refreshing

We have been deploying quite a few project Online Deployments for clients of ours. One of the things that I have noticed (Among others) is the fact that there seem to be a random issue with the Built-in Reports from time to time, after initial deployment.

When a user, that has the appropriate permissions try to refresh anyone of the 3 default reports :
  • Project Overview Dashboard 
  • Project Overview
  • Resource Overview
The refreshing fails as per image below :

Refreshing Report Fails

What I did to resolve the issue is to Edit the report in excel, go to the Data Tab, then click on connections, which will open the data connections Window, similar to the window below. Click on each of the connections and the on refresh. It will refresh the connection, and in some cases if there are data, you will start seeing the data in the report. Do this for all connections and lastly SAVE the Report back to the server.
Once that has been done, close the report in the Excel Online viewer and re-open the report and the refreshing should then work.
If you have any questions please let me know.



Thursday, 26 June 2014

Free Training Material on Project 2013

Project 2013 Webinar Videos:


  • Getting Started with Project 2013 (Watch here)
    • In this 15 minute webinar, you’ll learn the very basics: adding tasks and linking tasks. You’ll also learn how to add holidays to the project calendar so that you can plan for days off.
  • Assigning Resources in Project (Watch here)
    • In this webinar, we'll assign people to tasks and use the Resource Sheet to track people in your project. Plus, we'll learn how to add vacation days--and adjust the project accordingly so that we make our deadline.
  • Create a Timeline in project 2013 (Watch here)
    • This webinar will get your project ready for kickoff. You’ll learn how to make milestones, summary tasks, and subtasks. Plus, we’ll show you how to create a graphical timeline you can share with stakeholders.
  • Tracking Progress in Project 2013 (Watch here)
    • This webinar tutorial will show you how to track progress once a project starts. We’ll show you how to mark tasks complete, and we’ll run some reports that can give you an idea of what’s on time and what’s not. We’ll also explain a couple of key concepts on the way too: critical tasks and baselines.


  • Make the switch to Project 2013 (Watch here)
    • Watch these videos to make the switch to Project 2013. Get started with the new version to see how to do everyday tasks.

And on the lighter side of things :

  • It's so easy an 6th grader can do it (Watch here)