Wednesday 22 October 2014

SharePoint Online - Content Hub

As of late the company i work for TPG Africa, we have started relying allot more on the Content Hub when doing deployments to client. We use both Document and List Content Types when doing a Project Server Deployment.

When we did our first online testing, we created a new site to be used as the content hub. I created a document content type, but got this error when attempting to publish it :

Error on Content type Publishing

So my colleague, Shimone Bezuidenhout started doing some research. It ended up that be default a content hub is created in the Team Site, when the instance is provisioned! If you attempt to create another Content Hub it will not work.

So to get there there, use the Navigation bar on the Top of the SP Online instance, and click on "Sites"
Team Site

Depending on what site has been created, you might see something else that what is displayed above. The site you need to open will be the "Team Site". Once the site have been opened, click on the Site Settings icon (The Gear Thingy) to the right of your name, then select site settings. 
Site Settings for Content Hub

When the Site Settings open for the Team Site, simply use the Site Content Types under the Web Design Galleries menu, to create and publish the Content Types you wish to use!

Create content types 

Any Questions or comments please let me know!


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