Thursday 30 May 2013

SharePoint 2013 Pre-requisites (AppFabric)

Project Server 2013 Installation - Issues with AppFabric Pre-Req.

Aaaaargg!!! Microsoft AppFabric !!! Took me a whole morning to get the Pre-Req's Installed on an Offline 2012 Server. (Offline meaning not connected to internet to download the Pre-Req's as part of the Install of SharePoint 2013) 

So with Project Server 2010 all we needed to do was to download all the Pre-Req's and install them one by one. This always worked. Now with SP 2013 this does not seem to be the case with all the items, especially AppFabric, as there are configuration that should be done as part of the Install of the Appfabric Pre-Req. 

Managed to eventually find a Script by Craig Lussier ( to help me to get the Pre-Req's for SharePoint 2013 installed. Find these scripts here.

Please note: I do not own these scripts. Please have a look at the Authors blog, quite a bit of valuable resources on there.

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