Wednesday 12 June 2019

ProPlus deployment with ODT - Error

Check your Internet Connection

In an ideal world, all organisations and client have blistering fast Internet. But alas, the world is not like that, here in South Africa, we have some Governmental and Semi-Governmental institutions that just not have that Internet speed they need to get things done.

Couldn't Install , was the error.  Frustrated me a for a whole while, whilst trying to install O365 ProPlus using the Office Deployment Tool


I knew there was more than enough space on the machine, it did have an internet connection (More on this in a bit), the Installer was setup correctly and shared.

I ended up logging a call with Microsoft, and they could also not resolve the issue.

After some more troubleshooting i found the issue, the internet connection was too slow, so even though the error stated "Is your Internet Connection Working" , which it was, there was no talk about the speed needed. I can only assume it was some form of time-out when trying to connect to O365.

So after some upgrades to the network and Internet Speed, it just worked.


I thought i'd share this with you, as i have not found a post, that pointed to this, it might just be something you need to consider.


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