Tuesday 4 September 2012

Windows8 and Project Server 2010: IE incorrect version.


When trying to open my Timesheet using IE 10, which ships with Windows 8, I ran into the issue below. Note that the Landing Page displays correctly but when navigating to the Project Center or Timesheets it gives the error.

In my opinion this is one of "those" ill written errors , because I am ALREADY using a version higher than the minimum IE7 that it requires.

I am sure on future updates it will be fixed though.

Work Around:

With IE open click on the settings icon, then Click on the "F12 Developer Tools". At the top of the Browser window there you will see an option "Browser Mode", it should have defaulted to IE10. Click on the option and select IE9. Some other people stated that IE10 Compatibility have worked for them as well, for me it did not.

You can then close the Developer Window and navigate to your timesheet. Everything should be working now.

A last item I would like to point out is that the compatibility settings as specified above is not saved. So once you close and re-open IE, you will have to set compatibility again

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Tanmay Agarwal said...

Thanks a lot Andre!!

It is working fine now for IE 10 on Windows 7 Professional.

- Tanmay Agarwal
Jaipur (India)

Andre Venter said...

Pleasure Tanmay!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andre,
Do you have any similar feedback for IE11 compatibility or issues with PS2010?
Thanks in advance.


Sumit Srivastava said...

I have same question as Guillaume has. Please give some tips.