Tuesday 11 September 2012

Project Pro 2010: 90 000 000 Cost field issue ?

Hi Guys,

We have come across something very strange if we enter the Amount "90 000 000" in a cost field in Project Pro it rounds it off to "89 999 994,88" !! I find that very strange. As a matter of fact all my tests with amounts between 90 000 000 and 100 000 000 seem to be rounding.

You may ask why that large amounts ? One of our clients are a mining house and the get to that amount in South African rand.

I will log a call with Microsoft and revert once I have feedback. If any of you guys have any ideas please use the "Comment" to give your suggestions.



Andre Venter said...

A Quick update on this issue, when I change the currency from Either USD or ZAR to GBP it does not round it. So it would seem like a Bug. Have logged it on the partner forums, will revert

Andre Venter said...

Jimi Zhoa of MS Partner Forum confirmed that this is a bug, and advised us to log it with the Project Product Team. Once we have more feedback we will let you know