Friday 20 July 2012

MSP Issue when trying to connect to Server (ActiveCacheUnsupportedProjectVersion)

When trying to connect to the Project Server from Project Professional 2010 a user encounters and error:

The following job Failed to complete:
Job Type : Load
Error ID : 12015(0x2EEF)
Error Description: An Internal Error Occurred.

The key to this issue is the 4th Line in my Screenshot. "ActiveCacheUnsupportedProjectVersion" This simply means that the users Project Professional is not on the Same Version (Be it Service Pack or Cumulative Update) as required by the server.

Administrators can "Version Control" Project Pro clients to must  be a minimum version before they are allowed to connect to the server. If they do not have the correct version, this error is displayed above.

To confirm the minimum version required navigate to "Server Settings - Additional Server Settings - Under the Project Professional Versions" The minimum version will be displayed there.

It normally confuses users as it seems like a serious issue due to the error description in XML code. I'm sure at some Point Microsoft could perhaps update this "Function"   to look less like an error.


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Anonymous said...

Install kb4018373. This will fix that error. Thanks

MS DS Support