Wednesday 25 July 2012

Microsoft Project 2013 Technical Preview

So it's almost here!! The Technical Preview is ready for download Here. This is just a quick post on Project 2013, to give everyone and idea of whats coming. In later posts i will go into a bit more detail on some of the new or changed functionality

So the first thing that caught my eye is the new .... wait for it ..... Icons :-) They have changed totally for Office 2013.

Now in my honest opinion it looks nice, but it no longer the "Standard" as we got used to. But i am sure most of us are open for change, right ?

So i went and opened Project 2013 preview and i got the the "Recent" Page. This page will list all you recent items, as well as templates. From here you can also search online for other templates.

A simple touch of the "Esc" button, opens a blank schedule for you to start with. This has not changed an awful lot.... Except that it is very very "White", not only is Project 2013 very "White" but the other Office 2013 packages too.

The Ribbon looks the same have more or less the same items on. There is one major Improvement that I would like to highlight in this post. Microsoft have Upgraded the "Local Reports" quite a lot. The good 'ol Visual reports are still there, but they have added a few new reports.

Lets have a look at one of those reports, the Project Overview Report: 

Now most of these reports can also be edited to some extent. I will look at that in a later topic.

Saving a document works the same as before. File - Save or Save As. Have one or two more options though. If you singed up for SkyDrive you can save the document directly to your SkyDrive making it more accessible from various locations. What you dont see there is a Project Server option - I have not configured one as yet.

In time i will do some more blog posts on Project 2013 and Project Server 2013.If there are any specifics you would like to know, please comment here, maybe, just maybe i might be able to help you :-)


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