Tuesday 22 November 2011

Project Server 2010 : Quick way to view Farm Patch Status

I continually hear of people trying to figure out what Update(s) are currently installed on a farm. Normally what i would do is go through the Installed Updates in Control Panel > Add remove Programs, and the try to figure out (Between a large amount of updates, which is which.) 

Normally SP1 is listed quite clearly there but the CU's are not that simple to find. I looked around for a while and then i found it in the most simplest of places. In the Central Admin site > Upgrade and Migration > Check product and patch installation status. 

From that option all Services in the Farm will be listed with it's relevant Updates. Screenshot below shows only the Project Server Update Sections.

From there we can easily see the version numbers for Project Server, the Language Pack as well as the Web Front End Server. So either way some Searching may be involved but you have a lot less info to work through.

To find a list of the SharePoint and Project Server Version Numbers have a look here: (Courtesy of Microsoft )

Affected Objects
​KB Info
14.0.4763.1000RTMAll componentsDownload
14.0.4762.1000RTMFarm Build Version
14.0.5114.5003June 2010 CUSharePoint Foundation 2010KB2028568
14.0.5114.5003June 2010 CUMicrosoft Shared ComponentsKB2281364
14.0.5114.5003June 2010 CUMicrosoft SharePoint PortalKB983497
14.0.5114.5003June 2010 CUMicrosoft User Profiles
14.0.5114.5003June 2010 CUMicrosoft Search Server 2010 Core
14.0.5114.5003June 2010 CUMicrosoft Web Analytics Web Front End ComponentsKB2204024
14.0.5123.5000August 2010 CUSharePoint Foundation​ 2010KB2352346
14.0.5123.5000August 2010 CUSharePoint Server 2010KB2352342
October 2010 CUSharePoint Foundation​ 2010KB2394323
October 2010 CUSharePoint Server 2010​KB2394320
​December 2010 CU
SharePoint Foundation 2010
December 2010 CU​SharePoint Server 2010​KB2459257
14.0.5136.5002​February 2011 CU​
SharePoint Foundation 2010
14.0.5136.5002​February 2011 CU​SharePoint Server 2010​KB2475878
​April 2011 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2010KB2512804​
​April 2011 CUSharePoint Server 2010​KB2512800
​April 2011 CU​Project Server 2010KB2512801
​14.0.6029.1000​Service Pack 1​SharePoint Server 2010​KB2460045Download
​14.0.6029.1000​Service Pack 1​Office Web AppsKB2460073Download
​​14.0.6029.1000​Service Pack 1​Project Server 2010KB2460047Download
​14.0.6029.1000​Service Pack 1​SharePoint Foundation 2010KB2460058Download
​14.0.6105.5000​June 2011 CU Version 1​​SharePoint Server 2010​KB2536599
​14.0.6105.5000​June 2011 CU Version 1​SharePoint Foundation 2010KB2536601
​14.0.6105.5000​​June 2011 CU Version 1​Project Server 2010KB2536590
​14.0.6106.5002​​June 2011 CU Version 2​​​SharePoint Server 2010​KB2536599DownloadRegressions
​14.0.6106.5002​​June 2011 CU Version 2​SharePoint Foundation 2010KB2536601​Download
​14.0.6106.5002​​June 2011 CU Version 2​Project Server 2010KB2536590Download
14.0.6105.5000​June 2011 CU​Office Web AppsKB2553919Download
14.0.6109.5002​August 2011 CU​SharePoint Server 2010KB2553048DownloadRegressions
14.0.6109.5000​August 2011 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2010KB2553117Download
​August 2011 CU​Project Server 2010KB2553047Download
14.6112.5000​October 2011 CU​SharePoint Server 2010KB2596505Download​Bugs, Notes, and Regressions
14.6112.5000​​October 2011 CU​​​SharePoint Foundation 2010KB2596508Download
14.6112.5000​​October 2011 CU​​Project Server 2010KB2596506Download

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