Tuesday 8 November 2011

Project Server 2010: August 2011 CU

Hi All

It's been a while since i have blogged a bit. We have been extremely busy with deployment and i have also managed to Squeeze in Tech-Ed Africa 2011.

The company i work for UMT SA, have won the Partner Award for Project and Portfolio Management for the MEA Region, an accomplishment i am very proud of !!

Anyway, i started looking at the August 2011 CU for Project Server, and one of the reasons why i am blogging about this is the fact that it claims to fix the dreaded "Timesheet.IncorrectMode" bug! I will be testing this in due course and making sure that it is the case.

Talking about fixes ... We have this one client that continually have issues with schedules going corrupted. Got some really strange errors in the ULS Logs like :
Reporting message processor failed:
ReportingTimesheetPeriodMessageFailed (24013) - Stored Procedure MSP_Epm_SyncPeriodInTimesheetProject failed. Return code = -1. Details: id='24013' name='ReportingTimesheetPeriodMessageFailed' uid='b21feb6b-fdd0-4a69-affe-780a79bf908b' QueueMessageBody='PeriodUid='13123ab2-ce09-48cf-b150-07c57164bdda'. PeriodStartDate='05/11/2011 00:00:00'. PeriodEndDate='05/17/2011 23:59:59'. PeriodName='2011/11'. PeriodStatus='Open'' Error='Stored Procedure MSP_Epm_SyncPeriodInTimesheetProject failed. Return code = -1'.

When i saw this error i was highly worried as it mentions "Stored Procedures". This error was very misleading first thing i checked was the Time Periods that was reportedly closed. First issue with that is , it has never ever complained when refreshing the Reporting DB that time periods are closed. I still opened all time periods and rebuilt, to no avail. It still failed with the same errors.

I then went back in history and identified 2 projects that had issues (Not sure whats was wrong with them) Deleted from all DB's, after trying the whole save as XML - re-import thing, which did not work either, and re-started the Reporting db refresh. It Still failed.
As a very last resort before logging a Premier call with MS - thought ill be cowboy and install the August 2011 Cu on Dev after restoring my Production environment to Dev. Then i deleted the 2 sinning projects from the server and re-initiated the reporting db refresh, and low and behold all issues have vanished.

I will recommend installing the August CU ASAP - of course first test on Dev ...but i am sure you know that ...

This link will take you to Brian Smith's Blog where there are more info on the CU: http://blogs.technet.com/b/projectadministration/archive/2011/09/01/microsoft-project-server-and-sharepoint-2007-and-2010-august-cu-2011-announcement.aspx

Happy Installing !!


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