Monday 1 February 2016

Archiving completed Projects in Project Server 2010 or 2013

Closing a completed Project on Project Server This is bit a process, so bear with me on the lengthy Post.  Before we can start the Archiving of completed projects, there is a bit of work to be done, on existing projects. This will have to be done, otherwise the process will not work.

First Things First :

This post requires a new custom field to be created on Project Level using a lookup table with
 " Registered, In Progress and Completed" as values.

Once the field and lookup has been created follow the steps below.

Please do the following for ALL Projects on the PWA environment.  Navigate to Project Center and click on a Projects Name :
Figure 1: Select Project from Project Center

This will then open the Project Basic Info PdP (Assuming no customization has been done) if there was customization done on the PDP's the field needs to be added to the relevant PDP

Figure 2: Set relevant Project Status

 You will notice a new field at the Bottom labelled “Project Status” For EVERY project the correct value needs to be selected, either, Registered, In Progress or Completed. If this has not been done for all projects the rest of the process becomes Null and Void.

To correctly archive projects please follow these steps :

1.      Open Project Schedule in Microsoft Project
2.      Insert the remaining work column into the current view.
3.      Remove ALL remaining work on the schedule for all tasks (so there must be Zero remaining work on all tasks)
4.      Change to the Resource Sheet view  and Insert the “Booking Type” column
a.      Change the Booking type for all resources to Proposed (This will “release” resource allocations to the schedule)
5.      Change to the Gantt Chart view – and Insert the “Published” column
a.      Change the value of all tasks (Summery Tasks will not change) in the Published column to “No” (This will un-publish all tasks from resources Timesheets)
6.      Open the “Project Information”  Dialog Box from the “Project Tab” on the ribbon.
a.      Change the Project Status field to “Completed” – Click Ok
7.      Save and Publish project as per normal.

If you now navigate to the Project Center and have a look on the ribbon, there are 2 new Views:

Create 2 new views (or 1 new view for the archived / completed projects) You can always edit your existing (All Projects View or Summery view) to show only In Progress and Registered by filtering out "Completed" projects.

Add the "Archive / Completed view and filter out both, In Progress and Registered Projects. (If your security is setup in such a way, you can make this Archive view available to a certain category only like the PMO.

Below is an example of 2 views that has been created.

·        *All Completed Projects (This will show all Projects that have been completed)
·        *All In-Progress Projects (This will show all Projects with the status of “Registered or “In Progress”) Completed Projects will not be displayed in this view.

Figure 3 : New views

trust this well help with the process. If you have questions please drop me a comment on the post.


Rama said...

When i goto delete enterprise objects, the project is still showing in Published Projects...

How can i change the version from published to archive of a project in project server

Anonymous said...

How can I create a group, category, and security template for an Archive Administrator who can see which projects are to and have been archived in MS Project Server 2013?